Jackie Lefebvre

Professional Editing Services

Let Me Help Your Book, Essay, or Document Shine

Authors, ghostwriters, publishers, and academics work hard on their material and are often too close to their work to recognize errors. That is why it is always a good reason to hire an editor. They help make your writing the best it can be. As an experienced, diligent editor, I have unique perspective on story and argument that only comes with my background in literature, academia, theatre, and marketing.

I help all writers at any level of the writing process. Whether you have a first-draft manuscript, an essay that needs final editing, or an idea for a novel, I can help.

I’ve worked with many writers who have pushed their works out to publishers, blogs, and professors before they were completely ready. I’ve also seen writers drag their feet for too long because they lacked direction, understanding, or confidence. I can help with these types of writers and more.

Feel Confident in the Quality of Your Writing

My services include proofreading, stylistic editing, and substantive (structural) editing to ensure your work is of professional quality and is enjoyable to read. I read your work from the perspective of the intended audience to ensure that your message is delivered as clearly as possible. Please see Editing Services for more information.

Work with Someone You Trust

I value transparency, honesty, and dependability, which are what I strive to deliver to my clients. I work closely with writers to ensure that they understand the reasons to my editorial choices and are confident in the changes to their work. I stay communicated throughout the process and deliver my services on time and as promised.

To find out if we would make a great team for your project, contact me!


“I have worked with Jackie for the past year-and-a-half. In that time, she has done market research, light editing, fact-checking and profile writing. Not only is Jackie smart, responsible and responsive, she consistently and reliably  meets deadlines and stays in communication as needed. She asks questions when required and delivers quality work. My favourite part about working with her is that she can read between the lines of the work I am asking her to deliver. I don’t have to explain everything all of the time. She gets it. And that is an incredibly valuable and under-appreciated skill.”

Karen Rowe, #1 International Bestselling Author, Chief Creative Officer, Front Rowe Seat

“Jackie Lefebvre always provides a professional and meticulous service when proof-reading. I work both in theatre and in academia where the standards in terms of language are very high, and she has always met or surpassed my expectations”

Dr. Joël Beddows, Director and Professor at the Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa.

“I have recommended Jackie to many writers and have always heard fantastic feedback about her professionalism and expertise. She can spin the most prosaic straw into literary gold, and she does it with good humour and compassion. I’ve hired her myself to help a contributor whose chapter in one of my books needed more attention than the imminent deadline would allow me to offer, and her adept research and rewriting saved the day.”

Dr. Kathryn Prince, Professor at the Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa.