Editing Services


Editing the mechanics of writing including spelling, grammar, and punctuation, while checking for consistency. This includes changing spelling to Canadian and measurements to metric, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Stylistic Editing

Clarifying the meaning of a work and smoothing out the language through syntax, stylistic consistency, word usage, context, flow, and voice. Style depends on the type of manuscript being edited.

Substantive or Structural Editing

Editing a document based on content and structural issues. This includes confirming the consistency of facts and their relevance to the argument, the organization ideas, and restructuring the layout of a work to provide an easy and informative reading experience.

Copy Editing

Editing front-matter material, systems of citation (bibliographies), captions and credit lines, headings and footers, permissions, indexes, captions, quotations, epigraphs, etc. Copy editing includes material for marketing purposes in traditional mediums (such as advertisements and signs), as well as online (such as social media, web banners, and websites).


Creating a new manuscript or parts of a manuscript based on the content and research of the author. This may include my own, new research on the topic at hand. Note: Rewriting is not available for academic work.

Developmental / Project Editing or Dramaturgy

Coordinating a project from proposal or rough document to completion, while coaching the author for best story-telling/argumentative practices.